In the middle of the park, along the poolside, you will find our restaurant Lekker Thuis (meaning: tasty and cosy art home), where you can go every day for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. On Sundays we have our Lazy Sunday brunch starting at 11.00 hour. A lovely lazy day at and in the pool, filled with a super fresh 4 courses brunch. The Home chef is Corjan Hoogerheide. His passion for cooking, his ideas about ingredients and his personal touch will make you feel at home immediately. So, for a fine dinner, you can stay At Home.

The menu

Please make reservations

Dinner: 3 courses menu: be surprised by the chef                                                     $   32.50

(with extra course of soup $ 36.50)



Freshly baked bread with 3 different spreads                                                             $    6.50

Smoked salmon with a salad of unions, capers, pickle and crème fraiche                 $   12.50

(Vegetarian) Champignons a la escargots (union, garlic, herb butter,

herbs and grated cheese )                                                                                        $     7.50

Soup of the day                                                                                                         $     8.00


Main dishes:

Tenderloin with stroganoff sauce, sour cream, smoked pepper and garlic                 $   24.50

Scampi a la Corjan                                                                                                     $   21.50

Stew dish of the week                                                                                                daily rate

Catch of the Day from our Fisherman Zarpin                                                              daily rate



Coupe Romanoff with strawberry sorbet                                                                     $     9.50

Chipolata bavarois with Rincon rum and ice cream                                                    $     8.50

Dushi keshi (cheese platter)                                                                                        $     9.50

Dame blanche, brown chocolate ice cream with white chocolate sauce                    $     9.50

2 persons Cookie with chocolate, vanilla ice cream, pan baked                                 $   12.50

Call to + 599 700 3978.


Chef Corjan

The chef of the restaurant is Corjan Hoogerheide, world famous in Sealand (a province in Holland), not only for his culinary performance in several top restaurants, but also for is performance as regional TV chef and his cookbook “Half of it is love”. Also on Bonaire Corjan performed on TV in the program Brunch & Babbels, that was recorded on Sundays from our restaurant.

He prepared a surprising menu with some daily changing specials on it as well, so there is enough variety. If you have other (diet)wishes, just let him know. He will be glad to make an exception for you.