Bonaire is known for its culinary excellence. This year the island won the first price in the ‘Taste of the Caribbean’ in Miami: a culinary competition in which all countries from the region participate.

The selection of restaurants on Bonaire is very diverse and international. Caribbean, French, Italian, Argentine, Surinamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch. – You name it, Bonaire has it!

A sizable share of the bars and restaurants on the island is located in Kralendijk. Being a small city, it’s very easy to hop from bar to bar and decide from there what your plans for the night will be. We recommend you to try the island’s local beer (Bonaire Blond) while you’re taking the time to think of your plans.

The beaches at Sorobon are also a great spot for good food and freshly made cocktails. The scenery, azure seas and pearl white beaches, will help you get straight into that holiday feeling. Furthermore, practically all of the islands hotels and resorts have great public restaurants that are accessible for non-guests as well. Don’t forget to stop by one of the local ‘sneks’ for some hearty Creole and Caribbean dishes though!

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