Our honeymoon in 2004 was our first encounter with the island and boy did we enjoy it! Of course in love with each other, but we also immediately fell in love with the island.

Lovely weather, enjoying a glass of wine after yet another snorkel session, fine dining in the night and exploring the island’s wonderful nature while cruising around in our Jeep. Love at first sight!

And that love never vanished. In 2010 we bought our first house on the island, which initially served as a holiday house. In 2015 we decided to permanently move to the island and officially become Bonaireans.


Leo studied at the School of Arts in Utrecht and worked as an actor and street-puppeteer for years. In the 80’s he played the role of Big Bird in Sesame Street and presented multiple TV-shows for children. After his TV-career Leo started as executive producer at Endemol productions and had an important share in the development of big TV-formats. In 2000 he founded Annie Connect, Holland’s first and largest homeworkers-based call centre that worked exclusively for charitable institutions. Still too young to retire, so now fully focused on our new project here on Bonaire!


Anna studied Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. Started her career at Lintas, Unilever’s official marketing agency at the time. Moved on to start her own interim account- and project management firm “Wordt Geregeld” and worked as general director at Annie Connect for 11 years. Has a passion for cooking, is always in for a chat and is looking forward to start at Red Palm Village.